A Triple-Bottom Line
Social Enterprise

Offering Uganda’s Most Affordable, Highest-Quality Clean Energy Products.

We Unlock
Economic Productivity

BrightLife is a triple-bottom line Uganda-based social enterprise founded by global microfinance pioneer, FINCA International.

BrightLife unlocks economic productivity and well-being for the base of the pyramid by bringing together access to finance and access to energy.

BrightLife is committed to be the most affordable, highest-quality next generation energy company operating in Uganda.

We are Committed To

BrightLife provides education, distribution, financing and after-sales support for clean energy products, which include solar lanterns, solar home systems, solar appliances and improved cookstoves.

BrightLife sales agents, technicians and call center staff provide unparalleled customer care. This support begins from the first interaction and extends throughout the life of the product.

We Partner With
Best-In-Class OEMs

BrightLife partners with best-in-class original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)—like Amped Innovation and BioLite—to bring innovative products to market at the lowest possible cost to customers. BrightLife products are designed for extreme affordability and unmatched performance.

Because FINCA International is an investor in both Amped Innovation and BioLite, BrightLife can play a role in product design decisions and prioritization.

Amped Innovation

The BrightLife Impact 1

202,580 LIVES
Impacted with
Clean Energy

Health positively impacted
Safety positively impacted

A mixed-methods research study explored the health benefits perceived by BrightLife customers using solar lanterns, solar home systems and improved cookstoves in Uganda. While a variety of themes were explored, such as productivity and energy expenditure, the most frequently cited benefits were those related to family health. Eight-five percent of households stated their health was positively impacted, supported by reports of improved eye and respiratory health, and less toxicity and burns. Ninety percent of households stated their safety was positively impacted, primarily due to a reduced risk of house fires, burns or robberies at night. Read the full report

  • A Longer, More Active Day

  • Reading at Night

  • Phone Usage

  • Business Activities

A mixed-methods research study looked at how and why a specific segment of early adopters used entry-level solar energy products to make their initial steps up the energy ladder. While the first stage of solar energy adoption is shaped by pressing concerns for the family’s health and safety, subsequent stages focused on promoting an active household and usage in the primary business. Early adopters used entry level solar products from BrightLife to extend the working day, first focusing on housework and recreation, and about one-third of the freed-up time going toward business activities. Within this, increased time became available for reading at night, which was especially useful for families with more children. Customers also cited an improved ability to place phone calls, send text messages, engage in social media and conduct business thanks to a more reliably charged mobile phone. Solar lanterns in particular were used in a customer’s primary business in the trading sector, whereas solar home systems were in greater use in the services sector. “My customers come at night. This is the time they are back from work. This is when I earn the most.” Read the full report

Mobile money payments processed

BrightLife is a subsidiary of FINCA International, a pioneer in microfinance and financial inclusion. At BrightLife, it is not enough to offer high quality, life-enhancing clean energy products. We also seek to make them the most affordable goods on the market. Additionally, we look for innovative ways to offer our customers opportunities to access more impactful financial services. Learn about financial inclusion initiatives

Full and part-time staff earning a living wage

BrightLife is a rapidly growing social enterprise, creating employment opportunities in the local economy. We expect job creation to grow as our company and impact scales across Uganda and beyond. Learn about the contribution of off-grid solar to jobs

1Information is updated on an annual basis