Commitment to Customers

BrightLife is committed to be the most affordable, highest-quality next generation energy company operating in Uganda.

BrightLife sales agents are
the frontline of
responsible finance

BrightLife sales agents transparently communicate product costs before a sale is made. Our goal is to ensure customers understand the cash price of products and the full price paid over the loan tenure if PAYGo financing is used.


BrightLife’s Mimi Hatch Call Center provides after-sales support for any questions or concerns a customer might have. Our Call Center staff speak over 10 languages and are available to answer customer inquiries related to product set-up, usage, maintenance and financing.

technical support

BrightLife technicians are based out of eight BrightLife storefronts across Uganda, available to quickly resolve any product issues. This is made possible by a partnership with Enlight Institute, an accredited training institute founded to meet solar industry demand for a skilled, professional workforce serving the last mile.

Strong Roots in
Microfinance and Financial Inclusion

BrightLife is founded by global microfinance pioneer, FINCA International (“FINCA”). FINCA began microfinance operations in 1984 and launched its first program in Africa when it came to Uganda in 1992.

BrightLife grew out of FINCA’s mission and recognition that meaningful access to basic services requires access to finance. Leveraging the finance expertise of FINCA, BrightLife seeks to be the most affordable, highest-quality clean energy distributor in Uganda serving the base of the pyramid.

Public Commitment to
Consumer Protection

BrightLife has committed to the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code’s six principles of business practice. This demonstrates our willingness as an organization to provide consumer protection and practice high standards as a business, but our code of conduct has not yet been measured or certified.

We will be working with GOGLA to measure, demonstrate and improve our practice ahead of formal recognition by 2020. Further information can be found on the GOGLA website.