FAQs About Brightlife Products

Biolite Home620

With all 4 lights on, 1 day of full sun provides: up to 24 hours (LOW brightness) or 10 hours (MED brightness) or 4.5 hours (HIGH brightness).

The Solar Home 620 can charge small appliances such as phones, including smartphones.

The battery level is displayed on the LED screen on the Control unit.

When used alongside lighting, the Solar Home 620 on a fully charged battery can provide two full feature phone charges or one smartphone charge.

Each light produces 100 lumens of light at the HIGH brightness setting, which is ten times brighter than a kerosene lantern.

The solar panel should be placed flat on the roof, under direct sunlight. Do not either place the panel in the shadow of a roof or tree or mount the panel on/against a wall or tree.

Our solar home systems are PAYGO-enabled with a payment period of 17-19 months of loan payback.

The solar panel will continue to charge the system’s battery at a slower rate during rainy or cloud weather

You should clean the panel regularly, with a dry cloth so that it remains free of dust.

BioLite has a standard, two-year warranty on the Solar Home 620.

For products under warranty, BioLite (or its distributor/Agents in the area) provides comprehensive customer support, including an in-country Customer Call Centre and a team of trained technicians. In case of product issue, a technician will provide diagnostic support, spare parts, or a replacement unit as needed. You can register your new product and activate the warranty simply by texting NEW to 40336, for free!

DO NOT attempt to open the unit in any way as that will void the warranty. Report the issue immediately to your authorized distributor or BioLite sales Agent. You can also text HELP to 40336 (for free!) or call 0799 863 950 to speak to our Customer Service Representatives.

DO NOT pour water on the Control unit or the lights. To clean the system, simply wipe it with a damp cloth.

WOW 100 & 60 FAQs

  • Charge your phone and radio while the system battery is charging so that there is enough charge left for night use.

  • Running 3 lights on low power – Will last up to 12 hours
  • Running 4 lights on low power – Will last up to 10 hours
  • Run radio on its built in battery
  • Do not charge cell phones at night – Charge during the day


  • E1 = USB port short
    • Bad cable or too many devices
    • Show unit shorting device
  • E2 = Over input from non-Amped solar panel
    • Helpful in keeping customer from adding solar panel without coming back to distributor
    • Can demo using low mode and 2amp charger
    • Put into high mode to remove limitation
  • E3 = Over output using an appliance
  • E4 = Over output, higher rate than E3 but not as high as E5
  • E5 = Over output, metallic hard short
    • Reset = get rid of short
    • Turn unit off, then on